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The Door of Miscommunication

Rumors in the workplace create a vicious trap of wasted time, squandered energy, and ruined reputations. Rather than searching for truth or being quiet until truth is revealed, those that project speculation and their own “what if” scenarios onto a situation carelessly open doors of distrust. Even facts can be misleading when taken out of context.

Communication is critical in the success of any relationship, workplace, or organization. When communication gets clouded by rumor and inaccuracy, doors of miscommunication open corridors of broken trust and damaged relationships.

Wisdom shuts the door on presumption and rumor, protectively guarding the place of truth. The Book of Wisdom says, “There are those who speak rashly, like the piercing of the sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” (Proverbs 12:18 – AMP) Set watch over your mouth – keep shut the doors of destruction and open the door to truth, trust, and healing.

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