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Building Communication Bridges

Building Communication Bridges - TBL Leadership PartnersEffective communication involves exchanging ideas, thoughts, and feelings. When communicating with others, picture yourself building a bridge that connects the idea that you want to convey from you to the other party.

Before building a physical bridge across a river, it is imperative to identify where the bridge will connect on the banks of the river.  The same concept applies when building communication bridges.  You must identify where to connect with the other individual involved in the communication exchange.

  1.  From value to value.  What does the other party value?  What really matters to him?  If the dollars and cents are always top of line for him, connect your bridge to financial value.  If innovation captures his heart, engage his creative juices in dialogue.
  1.  From story to story or point to point.When speaking to a business leader who likes to cut to the chase, refrain from telling a lengthy story.  Otherwise, your idea will likely drown in the noise of lengthy discourse.  On the other hand, when talking to someone who appreciates more context, be sure to provide additional insight and background information.
  1.  From problem to solution.  What problem is she facing and how can you help?  Help her see that you understand her point of pain and articulate how your idea brings solution to the situation.   Communicate your idea in solution form.
  1.  From interest to interest.  Get to know the person.  Seek to find a personal connection of some kind.  Perhaps you both play soccer, or your kids go to the same school, or you both love a good movie.  Connect with the individually on a personal level, and you will be more inclined to connect on other matters as well.

Don’t settle for “flashing your idea” like the latest news story scrolling across the screen in scarlet letters.  Build a bridge and take time to truly connect.


To your tbl success,