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Truventure – The True You

Truventure - True You

God created each of us as a unique person. This means more than having a unique set of fingerprints. He created each of us with a complex synthesis of interests, expertise, personalities, talents, gifts, values, callings, passions and priorities. He did this with divine intentionality. He did this for the fulfillment of His perfect grand plan, not by mere happenstance or rolling genetic dice. Our Creator is heavily invested in His plan for each of us, and He does not leave us alone to figure it out.

Truventure – Mind and Spirit

Truventure - Mind and Spirit

When I fully rest in Christ’s provision, fully surrender to His ownership, and fully commit to differentiating between truth and lies, I am positioning myself for intimacy with the Lover of my soul. This most intimate of relationships works as long as I am candid with the One who knows everything anyway. By His very nature, God is personal and He communicates personally. “Mind and Spirit” explores how to engage in two-way communication with the Master of the Universe.

Truventure – Truth and Lies

Truventure - Truth and Lies

As we pursue a strategically aligned life with our Creator, we embrace His grace and submit to His lordship—nevertheless, we get tripped up because we live in a war zone. Our lives are the prized battleground between epic combatants—God, the Author of Truth, and Satan, the father of lies. Consequently, our ability to discern both truth and lies is an essential Prerequisite Principle of our Truventure.

Truventure – Lordship: A Lifestyle Yielded to My True Owner

Truventure - Lordship

In my pursuit of a strategically aligned life with my Creator, I want to see lordship as He sees it before I spend any time on strategy. I want to be crystal clear on my position relative to God, because that affects everything I strategize and how it is implemented. As a strategist, I find one jugular point about lordship particularly helpful to adjust my paradigm to God’s perspective: this is not my life. He is the Potter; I am the clay.

Truventure – Prerequisite Principles

Truventure - Prerequisite Principles.

Physical Chemistry was my most difficult undergraduate course, but I made it nearly impossible by skipping one of the prerequisite courses, third-year calculus. As a result, the meaning of prerequisite left an indelible impression on me. Prerequisite Principles are the lens we need to accurately understand and apply Truventure—to accurately understand how to think about each topic and how to tractively apply each lifestyle.

Truventure: A Subterranean Memoir

Truventure- A Subterranean Memoir

At a subterranean level, Truventure is a memoir. The main thing is what worked for me when I applied strategy to my life—my story is simply an imbedded stream that runs beneath it.

Some elements of applied strategy are original; others are picked up from the corporate trash heap of “we did that last year.” I simply implemented the tractive ones for life.

My Daunting Question

My Daunting Question- Norway

After several months in the Norwegian wilderness, I returned to corporate life with a healthy distaste for going through the motions. I exchanged aimless meandering in the wilderness of mind-numbing corporate requirements with strategic intentionality through strategy on one page, my Strategic Pyramid.

The effectiveness of the Strategic Pyramid quickly moved me up the corporate ladder, but success in the marketplace created a personal crisis.

The Norwegian Wilderness, My Truventure Trailhead

Norwegian Wilderness-Truventure Trailhead

A remote cabin in Norway was the trailhead of my Truventure. The Norwegian wilderness afforded solitude with my Confidant to discuss questions like, How do I make my life count? With only the wilderness to distract me, I indulged extravagant time to ask What are my priorities? Delving into such questions and living out the answers with my True Quest became my true adventure.