• Impacting Business

Impacting Business

With a portfolio of expertise that includes Operational Excellence, Strategic Planning, High Performance Work Systems, Organizational Assessment & Design, and Leadership Development, TBL Leadership Partners impacts businesses of all sizes.  We customize our support to build upon the strengths of each client and optimize solutions that best meet the client’s business needs.

Some of our business coaching and solutions have included:


Organizational Assessment and Design

Strong organizations master the integration of five key organizational design elements:  strategy, people, processes, rewards and structure.  To remain competitive in a world of ever-changing market demands, it is important for organizations to continually improve their effectiveness and efficiency of these elements.

Leveraging our knowledge and experience of successful organizations both large and small, we use our TBL Organizational Assessment and Design process to understand your strengths to build upon, vulnerabilities to fortify, and opportunities to seize.

We work hand in hand with you and your organization to assess where you are, to plan for where you need to be, and to do what you need to do to reach your desired goals and objectives.

Our goal extends beyond simply helping you and your organization meet its foreseeable goals…we aim to coach you, teach you, and equip you for sustained organizational growth and development.

We aim to keep you and your organization on the cutting edge of competitiveness.



Angela Owen on "Business Success"

Building Communication Bridges - TBL Leadership Partners

Building Communication Bridges

Effective communication involves exchanging ideas, thoughts, and feelings. When communicating with others, picture yourself building a bridge that connects the idea that you want to convey from you to the other party.

Before building a physical bridge across a river, it is imperative to identify where the bridge will connect on the banks of the river. The same concept applies when building communication bridges. You must identify where to connect with the other individual involved in the communication exchange.