• Influencing Community

Influencing Community

Communities thrive at the intersection of business and people success.  When communities, businesses, and people actively engage to leverage the strengths of each, collaborative success is realized for all.  TBL Leadership Partners embraces opportunities to partner with communities in a variety of platforms to foster healthy growth and development.

TBL’s community contributions and partnerships include:

Angela Owen on "Community Influence"

Leading Wisely in the Wake of Foolishness

Leading Wisely in the Wake of Foolishness

The Old Testament story of Nabal and Abigail is a classic case of one person’s poor leadership followed by the wise leadership of another. In 1 Samuel 25, we read that David and his men had been with the shepherds guarding Nabal’s sheep. David’s men had respected, guarded, and protected the shepherds throughout the stay alongside their fields. When David sent a few of his men to greet Nabal and request his favor, Nabal responded with insults and arrogance. Nabal’s foolish response to David’s request triggered David and his men to gird their swords for an attack on Nabal and his household.

When Nabal’s wife, Abigail, heard the news of the impending attack, she sprung into action. We can learn at least four lessons from her response . . .