Angela, President of TBL Leadership Partners, created the GROW plan to facilitate growth in triple bottom line leadership. Take a look at this tool if you want to get a glimpse into how TBL Leadership Partners helps people along in their leadership journey.


Welcome to the GROW Plan, a simple yet profound way to help you achieve your goals!


Thank you for exploring the GROW Plan!  May you have great success in achieving all of your goals!



G – Goals:  Describe what you would like to achieve


R – Reality:  Describe the current reality/situation


O – Obstacles:  What might hinder your progress?


O – Options:  List 3 options for overcoming each obstacle

  1. Study 15 minutes per day
  2. Study daily using app from my iPhone.
  3. Practice monthly with Chinese friends via Skype


W – What’s next?   List specific action steps & timing

  1. Download Chinese app onto iPhone
  2. Schedule 15 minutes per day into my calendar for study
  3. Connect with Chinese friends to help me review my progress and schedule Skype calls accordingly
  4. Establish milestones to achieve each quarter and review progress via monthly Skype calls with friends


W – Who?   What additional resource help do you need?



Download a copy of the GROW Plan Worksheet.