Inspiring People

Every person has a dream.  TBL Leadership Partners connects people, ideas, and practical tools to equip each person to achieve success as defined by his or her unique dream.   We want to help you discover the leader that you were designed to be and unleash you to be wildly successful!

Our people development expertise includes:

Individualized leadership development and coaching


Servant Leadership

Servant leaders lead with the hearts of servants and serve with the hearts of kings.  They learned to lead well by first learning to follow well.

Servant leaders infuse people with purpose and passion…

Servant leaders inspire confidence in others to believe in themselves….

Servant leaders empower people to achieve the extraordinary…and embrace with joy the responsibility and privilege of helping others succeed.

Do you aim to become a servant leader or put servant leadership into practice in your organization?  TBL Leadership Partners has been practicing servant leadership for years…we would be honored to support you in fulfilling your servant leadership goals!


Angela Owen on "People Success"

Truventure Mind and Spirit - TBL Leadership Partners

Truventure – Mind and Spirit

When I fully rest in Christ’s provision, fully surrender to His ownership, and fully commit to differentiating between truth and lies, I am positioning myself for intimacy with the Lover of my soul. This most intimate of relationships works as long as I am candid with the One who knows everything anyway. By His very nature, God is personal and He communicates personally. “Mind and Spirit” explores how to engage in two-way communication with the Master of the Universe.