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High Performance Work Systems

Competing in today’s marketplace requires rapid response times, nimble decision-making, and a consistent track record of meeting business commitments.  Organizations around the world have learned that High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) consistently meet these demands, providing them with a sustained competitive advantage.

High Performance Work Systems synergize smart and efficient work processes and information systems with multi-skilled teams of committed, equipped, and empowered members.

High Performance Work Systems foster and reward employee involvement and ownership, creating a workforce ready to meet the challenges of ever-evolving business expectations.

Simply put…High Performance Work Systems work!

Leveraging years of experience in HPWS along with in mastery in organizational assessment and design, we serve alongside you as coaches and partners, enabling you to create the High Performance Work System that you and your business need to succeed!

Angela Owen on "Business Success"

Building Communication Bridges - TBL Leadership Partners

Building Communication Bridges

Effective communication involves exchanging ideas, thoughts, and feelings. When communicating with others, picture yourself building a bridge that connects the idea that you want to convey from you to the other party.

Before building a physical bridge across a river, it is imperative to identify where the bridge will connect on the banks of the river. The same concept applies when building communication bridges. You must identify where to connect with the other individual involved in the communication exchange.