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The Journey of the Spring Forum

Wow.  It is hard to believe that more than two weeks have passed since our Spring 2010 TBL Student Leadership Forum in Nanjing.


The workshops and forum dinner event were a huge success!  Thank you to the professionals who so generously gave of their time, talents, and resources.  Thank you to the student volunteers who exhibited the triple bottom line spirit so beautifully through their servant leadership.  Thank you to the participants who so willingly spent their afternoon and evening learning, growing, and networking with one another and with other guests and professionals.  Riding the waves of excitement from this spring forum, I anxiously look toward the fall with great anticipation for our next forum in November!


Our forum theme was “Journeys in TBL Leadership:  Real Stories from Real People.”  This thread ran throughout our week in Nanjing.

Journeys of success and the lessons learned in its pursuit.

Journeys to overcome fear and face challenges as a leader…

Journeys of overcoming crisis to later see the reward of perseverance…

Journeys of personal sacrifice combined with the celebration of team success….

One great lesson that I took away from my wonderful time in Nanjing was the reminder to enjoy the journey.  While climbing to reach the mountaintop, we should not lose sight of the great things happening within and around us.  As you and I pursue our dreams, strive for success, and hike to the top of our respective mountains, let us not lose sight of the thrill of the journey itself.  Or as Miley Cyrus sings it, “It’s all about The Climb!”