Building Communication Bridges

Building Communication Bridges - TBL Leadership Partners

Effective communication involves exchanging ideas, thoughts, and feelings. When communicating with others, picture yourself building a bridge that connects the idea that you want to convey from you to the other party.

Before building a physical bridge across a river, it is imperative to identify where the bridge will connect on the banks of the river. The same concept applies when building communication bridges. You must identify where to connect with the other individual involved in the communication exchange.

The Leadership Filter – Champions of Principle

Leadership Principles

Although I knew almost nothing about the game at the time, I coached my son’s soccer team when he was only four years old.   I embarked upon the season determined to learn enough about soccer to be able to teach the boys a few fundamentals.  To my great surprise, I learned more than I

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Plan to Win

Two Points

My dad loves to watch basketball and played a mean game in his younger days.   Daddy knows how to see the court, beat the defense and score some points. I love hearing stories of his school team making great plays and playing to win. Does your business have a play book? Are you positioned to

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Catch the Waves – 5 Steps Toward Intelligent Risk Taking

I held tightly to his forearm as we bobbed and jumped in the wet playground of waves.  I gazed in wonder at the sea foam as it danced back and forth from crest to shore before disappearing on the golden sand.  I was but a tiny spec on the edge of the Atlantic and from

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Strengths: Are You Positioned to Win?

  Do you know where you play best on the court of life? In the world of sports, the best coaches position their players to maximize their strengths.  Coaches know that if everyone plays the role that he or she does best, the team will perform much better than if players are in positions that

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