Effective Facilitator and Leader

“Angela Owen of TBL Leadership Partners consulted with our organization for several years and was a very effective facilitator and leader of continuous improvement and change management. Specializing in “work systems improvement” and using a variety of Lean and other tools, she helped deliver tangible and sustainable business results following efforts with leadership teams and

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Balance of Skills and Understanding

“Angela brought a great balance of skills and understanding; business value, tools, processes, with solid leadership and change management.”

Wonderful Combination of Skills

“Angela has a wonderful combination of technical skills, manufacturing experience, and people skills and helped accelerate our implementation of process improvements.”

Excellent Change Management Facilitation

“Angela provided excellent change management facilitation leading a new team of plant leaders and also provided the same level of success with executives and primary employees.”

Character Traits

“I had the privilege to work with Angela for many years at P&G. Several character traits stand out in my mind when I think of Angela:  1) her commitment to our people was genuine and very perceptive of their needs; 2) her creativity in simplifying complex manufacturing system into understandable parts and then aligning our

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