Apples – Are Yours Golden or Poisoned?: The Power of Words

Golden Apples - The Power of Words

Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances.  – Proverbs 25:11   Words are powerful…so powerful, in fact, that when spoken they actually carry either life or death.  The words of a leader can lift a person up or take a person down; propel a project forward or drive

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The Leadership Filter – Champions of Principle

Leadership Principles

Although I knew almost nothing about the game at the time, I coached my son’s soccer team when he was only four years old.   I embarked upon the season determined to learn enough about soccer to be able to teach the boys a few fundamentals.  To my great surprise, I learned more than I

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Treasure Hunting – Leaders Discover and Unlock Potential

Privileges and responsibilities of leadership: How does a leader discover these hidden gems and help bring out the best in every person?

  One of the privileges and responsibilities of leadership is to unearth and polish the treasure of who others are.  Like mining for fine gems, sometimes the treasure lies near the surface and its glimmer can be readily seen.  But often, the jewel sits buried beneath layers of life, perhaps even facades masking the true

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Catch the Waves – 5 Steps Toward Intelligent Risk Taking

I held tightly to his forearm as we bobbed and jumped in the wet playground of waves.  I gazed in wonder at the sea foam as it danced back and forth from crest to shore before disappearing on the golden sand.  I was but a tiny spec on the edge of the Atlantic and from

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Have you left fingerprints lately??

My family recently gathered to celebrate the life of a man who left a dynamic fingerprint within our community.  After finishing a career at IBM, my uncle and his wife moved back home to Balsam Grove, NC.   Since his move home, Uncle Cleamon steadily and quietly served to make our community a better place

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Balancing Authority & Democracy

Rather than asking how to achieve a balance between authoritative leadership and democracy, we might instead consider which style of leadership is appropriate given the situation at hand. I was once asked this very interesting question about leadership, “How do you deal with the balance between powerful leadership and democracy?”  To properly answer this question,

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