Building Communication Bridges

Building Communication Bridges - TBL Leadership Partners

Effective communication involves exchanging ideas, thoughts, and feelings. When communicating with others, picture yourself building a bridge that connects the idea that you want to convey from you to the other party.

Before building a physical bridge across a river, it is imperative to identify where the bridge will connect on the banks of the river. The same concept applies when building communication bridges. You must identify where to connect with the other individual involved in the communication exchange.

The Leadership Filter – Champions of Principle

Leadership Principles

Although I knew almost nothing about the game at the time, I coached my son’s soccer team when he was only four years old.   I embarked upon the season determined to learn enough about soccer to be able to teach the boys a few fundamentals.  To my great surprise, I learned more than I

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I Am Wonder Woman…Well, Not Really…But I Am Wonderfully Made and So Are You!

I Am Wonder Woman, Wonderfully Made

As a young girl, I dreamed of being Wonder Woman or Supergirl.  With my handy blanket tied around my neck in cape-like fashion, I’d run up and down the hallway by my bedroom with amazing super powers enabling me to escape from dark forces conjured up in my imagination.  On other days, I dressed in

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Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the Mud

Have you ever found yourself stuck? Perhaps the roaring start that once powered your progress slowly crept to a snail’s pace and finally ground to a halt. Or maybe you’ve never gotten that project off the ground at all. Whatever the case, stuck moments are typically nonproductive, aggravating, and sometimes even a bit embarrassing. My

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Timeless Gifts and a Big Box of Reason

Christmas Star

The holiday rush is upon us and the busyness of year end responsibilities can compound the stresses of an already hectic season.  Keep the true spirit of Christmas alive by sharing a few of these timeless gifts.   1.  Peace.  Steady nerves and relieve anxiety by remaining calm  in the face of holiday chaos.  Refuse

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3 Ways to Know You Need an Attitude Adjustment

The buzzing insect rested lightly on my mother’s forehead. From the corner of his keen eye, Daddy noticed the blood thirsty culprit and decided to make his move. Reaching to grab the hat from his head, Daddy laid to rest the insect that had irritated my mother the better part of the afternoon. My mother’s

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Drive Trains and Leadership

If you keep up with my blog, you know that my father was a great mechanic…and that he taught me to trace a drive train.  What you might not know are the conditions in which some of that teaching occurred. I was away at college when I began having problems with my ’82 Subaru Wagon,

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Dinnertime Inspiration


I grew up sharing the dinner table with my mother, a gifted teacher and creative genius of all things crafty, my younger brother, the only playmate I had within miles and the one who most frequently got on my last nerve, and my father, my personal hero and the one who taught me to laugh,

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Stay on Track Toward a Healthier 2013

Stay on Track

Here comes March and I know we’ve all had great intentions of getting or staying healthy in 2013. We made resolutions to exercise, to get more time with our families, or to put a few more green items in our diet. By green items, I don’t mean cans of Mountain Dew! Around this time of

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I Felt Like a Racehorse!

I felt like a racehorse!

If someone were to ask you to describe your life, what would you say?  Would you bemoan about the challenge of your high stress job and demanding boss?   Would you sigh in exasperation about the fatigue you feel regarding the endless list of things that you must do every day?  …Or, would you relish the

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