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The Lost Art of Communication

In this age of ever growing information, it seems that true communication has become a lost art of sorts.  We are constantly giving and receiving information through an increasingly complex array of media…email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, smart phones, the internet, …and the list goes on and on.

Does sending out a tweet every now and then really suffice as effective communication?  I suggest that it does not.  While these technical media offer great opportunities to quickly pass information and stay in touch with a host of people, they do not facilitate the personal touch that is so vital for true communication to occur.

Can you see someone’s wrinkled brow of worry from a posted tweet?  Can you hear the hint of sadness in a person’s voice from something said on Facebook?  Can you catch the passion in a person’s heart from reading an email?  Maybe…maybe not, but in my opinion, no amount of technology in the world can replace the communication gained through personal face to face conversation.

Are you struggling to cope with the pressures at the office?  Invite a colleague to lunch and talk.  You just might discover new ways to help one another meet the ever-growing demands.

Are you unclear about your new boss’s expectations and nervous that you are not doing what she needs?  Take a walk to her office and ask for a few minutes of her time.  Then ask her about her goals for your organization and how you can best help achieve them.

Do you struggle to understand what is going on in the mind and life of your teenage son?  Ask him to join you on a hike and ask him to tell you about his dreams…then listen while he talks.

While I’m thrilled that you have taken time to read this blog, I would much rather be sitting next to you with cups of coffee in hand while exchanging rich dialogue between us.   I would love to hear your voice and be able to listen to what you have to say.  In the meantime, I take a sip of coffee in honor of you, my friend.  Here’s to one day having a real conversation and truly communicating with one another!