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November Leadership Forum Workshops

In just a few weeks, TBL Leadership Partners will head to Nanjing, China to take part in our bi-annual student leadership forum. We have some fabulous professionals joining us to help develop and promote success in students attending the forum. Below are seminar offerings for this fall’s event. Join with us as we head across the world to help students aspire to excellence both professionally and personally!





Description of the Workshop

Speak for Success in Crucial Conversations Mike
Beth Stevener
Communication is key in almost any successful relationship, both personally and professionally.  In this session, participants will learn practical techniques designed to help participants communicate effectively in crucial conversations.
Innovation/Creativity Mark Lambert Innovation and creativity are critical skills for success in today’s marketplace.  The session explains the role that innovation plays on the world stage, explores examples of innovation from a variety of sources, and challenges participants to tap into their own creative thinking through  engaging activities that will test abilities to think “outside the box”.

Allan Tuan
Eric Bell

Working in teams is essential to successfully completing significant endeavors.  But, what makes a team effective? This session focuses on the critical importance of unity and communication in teams.  Attendees will participate in a series of hands-on activities to experience the power of a shared vision and to practice communicating goals and plans with team members.  The value of unity and clear communication will be evident as teams attempt to complete two different fun, but difficult, challenges.
How to Get the Perfect Job After College Tanya Helms A new societal phenomena known as Ant Tribes are making a huge impact on Chinese culture as more and more college graduates become unwilling members.  Many cities throughout China are now housing Ant Tribes.  Many college graduates are working in menial jobs.  They are isolated from their families and their dreams of a successful career are broken.  They are busy like Ants but going nowhere and staying nowhere. During this lecture, learn how you can equip, educate, and prepare yourself to avoid entering the Ant Tribe.
 Leveraging Internships: More than Just a Job Eugene Loo In the struggling worldwide economic landscape, securing a job after graduation is crucial. Internships are great way to get your foot in the door. We’ll look into internships: how to get them, some good tips while on the job, making the most out of the opportunity and what to do when finishing the contract. As a recent graduate out of a business school in Canada and someone who has held over four internships, I’ll share personal stories of my transition into the working world.