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Dependent Independence

Still Daddy's GirlOn the Fourth of July, my family, like many others, gathered around food, fun and fireworks to celebrate America’s Independence.  Independence…what meaning does that word really carry, not just for a nation but also for individuals around the world?

My father raised me to be an independent woman who learns from her mistakes, faces challenge with determination, and embraces opportunities to help others achieve their dreams.  It hasn’t always been easy…but I’m grateful for the life lessons that I’ve learned along the way.  May you find a few treasures in some of the nuggets this true “Daddy’s Little Girl” unearthed in her own journey toward independence!

  1. Dare to discover who I really am.  Like many others, I grew up hearing the “labels” that were put on me from friends, family, schoolteachers, and others.  While most of those labels were well intending, they still carried a measure of restrictive definition about who I was, sometimes casting shadows of doubt about what I could or could not do.  But for every doubt, my daddy cheered a hundred words of encouragement.  He dared me to try new things, explore the world, and discover myself along the way.
  1. Dare to dream.  As a child, it was very normal for me to dream, but as I grew older I found myself growing more cautious, fearful of taking risks.  Daddy gently pushed me and challenged me to hold fast to my dreams.  One of my sweetest dreams came true when I took the risk to leave corporate America and return home to my beloved family in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  1. Dare to fail.  Growing up on a farm, my father understands the pain of being thrown from a horse.  He also knows the importance of getting up and climbing back into the saddle.  Success doesn’t come without a few epic fails from time to time.  Daddy dared me to learn from my mistakes, pick my head back up, and keep at it until I either got it right or found another way.
  1. Dare to be dependent As independent as she is known to be, even America acknowledges dependence via the motto “In God We Trust.”  Likewise, my father showed me the importance of friends, family, and faith.  No one finds success or fulfillment in life alone.  I am grateful for an amazing network of friends, mentors and coaches, a beautiful family that loves me through thick and thin, and a foundation of faith that provides purpose and passion for life.

Thanks again for the lessons, Daddy, and for daring me to discover what independence means to me!



Still Your Little Girl