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Three Times when Fresh Perspective is In Order

Time for Fresh PerspectiveMy office got a new beautiful piece of furniture this week – a handcrafted, corner desk designed and made by my creative husband.  The desk boasts a magnificent blend of old oak accented with knotholes and elegant curves, locust posts preserved in their natural shape, and poplar branches masterfully set to mirror tree branches of the forest that surrounds my home.  It is a unique piece of work that doubles both as a practical place to work and an elegant work of art.

As beautiful as the desk itself is, what I appreciate most about it is the fresh perspective that it offers.  For years, I sat behind the dark wood of a roll-top desk.  The dark wood and poor lighting of the roll-top often seemed to close me in, dampening creativity and fluid thought.  But now, my new desk sits at the corner of my loft office, overlooking windows that let the light spill in and boast a magnificent view of the mountains.  I was so excited about “coming to work” this morning because of the beckoning call of this fresh perspective.

Sometimes, a bit of fresh perspective is exactly what is needed in life.  Here are a three times when a new perspective may be in order:

  1.  When the problem seems impossible to solve.  How do you see problems?  Are they barriers that stand in your way?  Nuisances sent on mission to discourage you?  Or challenges just daring you to step out and think differently?  If you are facing a problem today, back up and view the problem through eyes that see opportunity instead of obstacles.  Solving this problem may be the exact set-up you need to launch your business into a brand new space.
  1.  When the other person seems to be the root of the issue.  When facing interpersonal challenges, it is tempting to play the blame game and pass the buck of responsibility off to the other person.  This line of thinking never wins.  Waiting for the other party to step up and make the first move, is nothing less than abdicating responsibility for resolution and a set-up for disappointment.  I challenge you to flip your thinking.  What are YOU doing that actually aggravates conflict rather than stepping forward to solution?  Look in the mirror at yourself first…and be humble enough extend an olive branch of peace and a hand of collaboration.
  1.  When the decision seems daunting.  We’ve all likely felt the paralysis of doubt when facing a big decision.  What if I make the wrong choice?  What if it doesn’t work out?  What if I fail?  The world of “what ifs” can stop you in your tracks, preventing you from ever landing any decision.  It’s time to kick doubt in the butt and take a bold step forward.  Decisions don’t have to be paralyzing.  Imagine possibilities in place of doubt and move forward in confident decision-making.

new desk crafted  by Custom Creations NC

Don’t stay stuck behind the stuffy layers of a dark or clouded perspective.  Step back, take a deep breath, and resolve to look again…the eyes of fresh perspective offer a far better view!


To your tbl success,