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How Deep Are Your Roots? – A Leader’s Core Convictions

How Deep Are Your Roots? - A Leader's Core Convictions“Angela, if you are ever going to succeed in this organization, you need to learn to raise your voice and throw a chair around every now and then.  People need to know you mean business!”


As appalling as it to think that someone would ever offer advice that chair throwing is required for effective leadership, I actually received this coaching in my younger days.  Barking orders and using furniture to demonstrate my authority were not in my repertoire, nor did I ever want them to be.

I reject the notion that success in leadership requires me to be someone that I am not and to do things contrary to my values and core convictions.  As a leader, you, too, will be tested to know where you stand.  Where will you draw the line?  What are your core convictions?  What are your non-negotiables?  What behaviors and attitudes will characterize your reputation as a leader?  I challenge you to take a few minutes to think deeply about yourself and what you believe.

Winds contrary to your core values are certain to arise.  However, with roots anchored deep in the soil of conviction, you will stand strong and firm… perhaps even discovering that the winds intended to topple just lead roots to go deeper, enabling you to stand tall as a leader who knows what she believes.



To your tbl success,