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The Power of Your Why

The Power of Your Why - TBL Leadership Partners
Recently, I challenged someone with this question: “Why do you really want to do this job?”  Struggling to see past a wave of challenges, this leader was feeling lost.  Without clarity of reason for being in his current role, he was drowning beneath on the crashing surf of challenge and circumstance.

Are you too feeling overwhelmed by your responsibility as a leader?  Do problems cast shadows of doubt in your confidence to move forward?  Maybe it’s time to harness the power of your why.

1-Rediscover your why.  Recall the excitement you felt when you first entered your position.  Dig up the ideas and dreams that you had for how you could make a difference.   Take a few minutes to reflect on that which stirred you with excitement and write it down.

2-Find purpose in your why.  If your work is just a job or a means of getting a paycheck, you will likely find yourself discouraged when petty behaviors and inefficiencies summon you for resolution.  Don’t shortchange yourself.  You were made with purpose and for purpose.

3-Let your why compel you forward.  No more drowning under the waves of problems.  Stand upon the power of your why and surf the waves of challenge toward the shores of solution.

To your success and the power of your why,