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Truventure: A Subterranean Memoir

Truventure - A Subterranean Memoir

At a subterranean level, Truventure is a memoir. The main thing is what worked for me when I applied strategy to my life—my story is simply an imbedded stream that runs beneath it.

Some elements of applied strategy are original; others are picked up from the corporate trash heap of “we did that last year.” I simply implemented the tractive ones for life.

Truventure logoTruventure is my handbook of strategic intentionality in my quest to see things from the Creator’s perspective, to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, to align with Truth Personified, to eliminate the gaps between my lifestyle and His Truth, to maximize this life for eternity. The journey of Truventure is not through the libraries I love, but through gut-wrenching, visceral learning in the arena of life.

Memoirs inspire us to go where we would not go on our own, which is a trait I hope Truventure has. I hope it inspires and facilitates your own Spirit-led quest with the Lover of your soul.


Mark Modjeska