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Truventure – Lordship: A Lifestyle Yielded to My True Owner

Truventure - Lordship: A Lifestyle Yields to My True Owner

In my pursuit of a strategically aligned life with my Creator, I want to see lordship as He sees it before I spend any time on strategy. I want to be crystal clear on my position relative to God, because that affects everything I strategize and how it is implemented. As a strategist, I find one jugular point about lordship particularly helpful to adjust my paradigm to God’s perspective: this is not my life. He is the Potter; I am the clay. This is the life He allows me to experience and co-invest with Him for eternity, and while I am privileged to co-strategize with Jesus, in the final analysis whatever He says goes. Truventure is my strategic pursuit of a lifestyle that shows it.


Scaling the Right Wall

A lifestyle yielding to my True Owner is essential to my Truventure and is presupposed in everything that follows. My Truventure seeks to align my lifestyle with Truth and apply strategy to my life. Therefore, I want to be wary of when my lifestyle usurps Christ’s rank, and when my strategizing usurps His ownership of me. Lordship is a Prerequisite Principle because spending time on strategy while holding—even subconsciously—to lies that my life, ministry, or business belong to me is scaling the wrong wall.

Truventure logoAnything deviating from the jugular truth that this life is not my own furthers a false narrative; my Truventure Guide categorically refuses to lead false narratives. Unless I am yielding to my True Owner, I am going down the wrong road, proceeding without Him. I find His way much better; I prefer to scale the right wall with Him.

Ask Jesus to reveal any areas of your life where the truth of His Lordship is stifled in any way. What gaps between the truth of Lordship and your lifestyle does Jesus reveal?


“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  Romans 8:1 (NASB)


Carpe diem stratégique!

Mark Modjeska and Angela Owen