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I Felt Like a Racehorse!

I felt like a racehorse!

If someone were to ask you to describe your life, what would you say?  Would you bemoan about the challenge of your high stress job and demanding boss?   Would you sigh in exasperation about the fatigue you feel regarding the endless list of things that you must do every day?  …Or, would you relish the chance to proclaim how amazing it is to live each day with passion and purpose?

I was personally inspired and challenged to think more intentionally about my purpose in life after reading an email from a friend…here is an excerpt from that message:


I hate that much of my life I only recorded “yes” or “no” and the date that God answered a prayer request.

I am learning so much more now that I stumbled upon the significance of writing more descriptive answers or jotting down partial answers to my prayer requests.

The example that means so much to me is when I wrote, “Felt like a racehorse.” It was not just “yes” I was able to help a friend with the strategy for his ministry. It was “Yes! And I felt like a racehorse, doing what I was designed to do, full out!”

Years later, I was looking back to gain insights in order to strategize the next phase of my life. I could not escape the visceral answer that God gave me to document His answer to my prayer: “I felt like a race horse!” With this in mind, God gave me the willingness to utilize the strategic expertise that He gave to help others with their strategy in order to advance their eternal significance. This became one of the key building blocks for my life strategy.


My life strategy…soak for just a moment in those three words.    Mark Modjeska, the author of the excerpt above, is a rare ‘vision casting, strategy making, metric-setting man’ who has taken life so seriously that he has been intentional in creating a life strategy.  The result of his investment in doing so is clear.  In his own words, he is “doing what [he] was designed to do, full out!”

Can you say with confidence that you are living the life you were uniquely designed to live?  If so, congratulations and well done!  We’d love to hear your story!

If, however, you find yourself feeling more like a horse wandering aimlessly around in the pasture than a racehorse running with passion and purpose, I invite you to join me and Mark on a journey of discovering your unique significance.   If you are ready to live life intentionally and feel the wind in your face as you run, let us know.  We can’t wait to hear from you!



Live Life Intentionally…Unleash the Unique You!

4 responses to “I Felt Like a Racehorse!


  1. angela says:

    Can’t wait to hear your story…please write us now!

  2. Terry Chandler says:

    “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. Plans for welfare, not calamity. Plans for a hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11
    This promise tells me that each one of us is here on purpose and for a purpose. “There are no accidents” is another way of saying this, but we’re each created in a unique way. Consequently, no one can fulfill somoeone elses purpose. Once I comprehended that I discovered a freedom to be my unique self.
    Paul the apostle wrote the most eloquent words about freedom from prison. I’ve discovered that my freedom comes from knowing God has everyone’s best interest in mind, regardless of where we are, what we own, or even what we think. We know true freedom when we see ourselves the way God does.
    I’ve relaxed a lot since I discovered that truth, and life, though not easy, is always more pleasurable.
    Zephaniah tells us that God delights in us, for we make His heart jump! If God delights in us, who are we to argue?

    • angela says:

      Terry, I love the scriptures that you’ve shared! His truth is never failing. Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you in this Christmas season and in the coming year!

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