Growing Up “Rich”

"Rich" Daddy - TBL Leadership Partners

My daddy is rich. He never earned a college degree. He never carried a fancy business card in his wallet or worked in a high- class office building. An old Subaru is his vehicle of choice… His home boasts of three small bedrooms and two tiny bathrooms (each barely big enough for a gnat to

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Dinnertime Inspiration


I grew up sharing the dinner table with my mother, a gifted teacher and creative genius of all things crafty, my younger brother, the only playmate I had within miles and the one who most frequently got on my last nerve, and my father, my personal hero and the one who taught me to laugh,

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Stay on Track Toward a Healthier 2013

Stay on Track

Here comes March and I know we’ve all had great intentions of getting or staying healthy in 2013. We made resolutions to exercise, to get more time with our families, or to put a few more green items in our diet. By green items, I don’t mean cans of Mountain Dew! Around this time of

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Tug of War

Airplanes, hotel rooms, and deadlines filled my schedule January through May.  My calendar was jam packed with one commitment after another, and I had very few unplanned hours in my schedule.  June ushered in the days of summer with a slower travel schedule and a lot more free time on my calendar.  As I threw

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Time to Soar

I can say with certainty that my faith, my family, and my friends will anchor me through every storm and inspire me to fly high regardless of the circumstances. It is hard to believe that 2010 and the birth of a new decade have arrived!  One of the traditions that I like to practice as

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