Growing Up “Rich”

"Rich" Daddy - TBL Leadership Partners

My daddy is rich. He never earned a college degree. He never carried a fancy business card in his wallet or worked in a high- class office building. An old Subaru is his vehicle of choice… His home boasts of three small bedrooms and two tiny bathrooms (each barely big enough for a gnat to

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Dinnertime Inspiration


I grew up sharing the dinner table with my mother, a gifted teacher and creative genius of all things crafty, my younger brother, the only playmate I had within miles and the one who most frequently got on my last nerve, and my father, my personal hero and the one who taught me to laugh,

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I Felt Like a Racehorse!

I felt like a racehorse!

If someone were to ask you to describe your life, what would you say?  Would you bemoan about the challenge of your high stress job and demanding boss?   Would you sigh in exasperation about the fatigue you feel regarding the endless list of things that you must do every day?  …Or, would you relish the

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