Grace: Resting as a Lifestyle

Grace: Resting as a Lifestyle

We invite you to step into a Truventure journey as we share short excerpts from our new book, “Truventure: Strategy for Wildly Successful Living.” It is our hope that you might be inspired to prayerfully embark on your own personal quest.

The Norwegian Wilderness, My Truventure Trailhead

Norwegian Wilderness-Truventure Trailhead

A remote cabin in Norway was the trailhead of my Truventure. The Norwegian wilderness afforded solitude with my Confidant to discuss questions like, How do I make my life count?With only the wilderness to distract me, I indulged extravagant time to ask What are my priorities? Delving into such questions and living out the answers with my True

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Free Workbook Download

Truventure Workbook

Get a Free Download of our Truventure Workbook – “Centered – The Essence of Identity” with registration.

The Power of Your Why

Power of Your Why - TBL Leadership Partners

Recently, I challenged someone with this question: “Why do you really want to do this job?” Struggling to see past a wave of challenges, this leader was feeling lost. Without clarity of reason for being in his current role, he was drowning beneath on the crashing surf of challenge and circumstance.

Are you too feeling overwhelmed by your responsibility as a leader? Do problems cast shadows of doubt in your confidence to move forward? Maybe it’s time to harness the power of your why.

Examples of “Influencing Community”

Angela Owen and TBL Leadership Partners are Influencing Community and making a difference through projects such as: Interim Course Instructor and Executive Director, Vision Transylvania Article in the Transylvania Times, VISION Transylvania Welcomes New Leadership – Brevard NC Co-Founder and Co-Facilitator of Truventure Weekend Retreat for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Article in the Transylvania Times, Truventure Workshop

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Tools for Impacting Business Success

High Performance Work Systems Organizational Excellence – coming soon

Other Leadership and Professional Development Resources

Venturing in Truth-based Significance Be Wildly Successful in Business and in Life Through weekend retreats with Truventure, participants are equipped with valuable tools, insights and practical next steps to empower their entrepreneurial journey. Visit for more information.   Michael Hyatt Michael Hyatt is a former CEO turned leadership and professional development coach. For helpful

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Tools for Inspiring People Success

GROW Plan Resumes and Interviews Being willing to admit it when you mess up in the workplace The Apparent Irony of Effective Leadership

Smeared Ink Clouds

Smeared Ink Clouds - TBL Leadership Partners

It’s been a while since I sat at my desk to write. In fact, apart from my private journaling or composing email messages, I’ve not strung coherent thoughts together in writing since my father passed earlier this year. Each time I’ve entertained the idea of writing again, an impasse has loomed before me like a smeared ink cloud that hides my words.

Tangled Intentions

Tangled Intentions - TBL Leadership Partners

A sudden crash followed by groans of despair echoed from the living room. Johnny came running into the room angry and upset. The lego tower he had worked so hard to build was destroyed! He and Jack had been playfully wrestling in the living room when Jack lost his balance and crashed into Johnny’s engineering

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